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Here it is uncommon known thing that can make stress

Thursday, December 19th 2013. | Health Life

silent thing that can make you stressThe stress of work or project work piling may be used. But what if it turns out your stress triggers are other things that had never previously suspected, such as a mobile phone or a messy room.

Do not be left in place just like that. Know first six things that secretly make you stress and how to mitigate them, as quoted from the Women’s Health on Thursday (19/12/2013) the following:

1. Close to Our Phone

Far from the phone is said to can make some people feel panic, but it turns out, too close to the phone, or carry cell phones go wherever it makes the person more stress. This was stated from Kent State University study that found that students who spend more time with his mobile phone was more anxious than those without.

“We know you could not live without it, but try to put up mode ‘silent’ when you want to relax, especially when in the gym, dinner, especially during sleep,” stress expert advice, Sandra Thebaud, Ph.D., who also StressIntel founder.

2. Sleep-less

Stress has long been known to make a person less or can not sleep, and vice versa. “Therefore, according to one study, when you successfully treat sleep disorders you have experienced, this will automatically improve the quality of your life, including eliminating so much depression and stress,” said Thebaud.

His advice, do not wait until it overdo be severe insomnia. “For example, if you can not sleep well for more than two weeks, then you have to be overcome,” he said.

3. Social Media Also the case

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh discovered that the more friends a person has on his Facebook account, we can be sure he will be more stress made​​. And this of course forces you to see various posts of these people, if not at the same time.

But when you feel stressed when thinking about any change of status or info-divided your friends on the site, maybe it’s time you to ‘log out‘ for a moment.
4. Messy roomA survey in the early years revealed only a quarter of women who say if the room can make her relax. One that causes it is a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room.

5. diet plan

According Thebaud, stress often inhibits a person to be consistent with diet or diet wants.

If you really want to achieve these targets, Thebaud suggest that you plan it well and do it consistently. That way you will not easily feel guilty, let alone to stress.

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